Merit Spread Foundation

A Merit Spread Foundation donation account is a simple, tax efficient investment solution for charitable giving. Contributions may include cash, securities, or appreciated assets. Donors are eligible for a current-year tax deduction while making giving decisions over years to come.

Who we are

Merit Spread Foundation is a grant giving fund registered and regulated in the USA as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit and in Israel as a public benefit (non-profit) company. 

It is a modern philanthropic legal platform that offers a unique and innovative approach to charitable giving. It provides services to donors and to non-profit foundations.

Our mission is to make donations more efficient and personalized by enabling donors to implement their vision via tailor made charitable programs focusing on the causes and the strategies they deem right.  We also enable a stronger impact and propose higher “value for money” for all donations. We do so by using innovative methodologies, including a unique matching program.

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So How Does It Work?


Contribute to your personal giving fund when it suits you


Receive a tax credit for the full amount immediately


Grant an amount of your choice whenever you want, up to the full amount donated by you, to the charitable goals selected by you, directly to the receivers or through other charities 


You may choose to potentially grow your future contribution by joining an investment program designed to increase your impact


Merit Spread Foundation offers to high net worth individuals an advanced, cost effective and simple alternative to setting up their own independent charity foundation. It enables the donors to define their own personal philanthropic goals and select from an unlimited variety of options to do good and make a positive impact, tailor made to their requirements.

It offers an efficient legal structure for engagement in long term philanthropic activity, combined with tailor made private programs, independent of third party charities.

It also provides a unique matching program coupled with unique, efficient and innovative long term tax efficient investment programs. The matching program in addition to tax exempt investment fruits may increase the assets available for donation and enhance the impact of the philanthropic activity.

Advisory Programs

Merit Spread supports donors and organizations in setting up and expanding their philanthropic activities. 

We work with philanthropists to create their signature in making better society and environment. We help donors in determining their vision, and in creating their operational plan of philanthropic activity. 

We assist in developing the strategy and implementation plans for major philanthropic initiatives that deploy significant capital. We also help in planning and execution of strategies for investment portfolios, in order to guarantee everlasting impact.

Execution of the plan may be done independently or together with partnering organizations, with aim of implementing efficiently their social impact goals.

We establishing processes for measurement and evaluation impact. The process includes the following steps: 

  • Goals: defining clear and achievable goals, that will be reflected in the budget and the fund-raising program. 
  • Data-Driven Plans: the process includes ongoing data collection procedures to record and measure the outcomes of the programs.
  • Impact Evaluation: The strategic planning aim is to enable the organization to reach its goals. Outcome measurement is a significant aspect of the process. It allows us to monitor and make necessary changes to the program as well as informing the donors on the impact created by their support.
Sephardi Tree


Sephardi Tree


Sephardi Tree



Merit Spread Foundation may serve as a complimentary system or as a “one stop shop” charitable platform to non-profit organizations. It offers an efficient legal structure for engagement in long term philanthropic activity, combined with tailor made implementation of unique, efficient and innovative long term investment programs.

Partnership programs will allow non-profit organizations to benefits from mutual capital injection as well as from innovative practices developed by Merit Spread for raising of charitable resources.

Its unique special offerings include:

  • Establishment and management of a private label endowment program with tailor made goals including fixed income and growth.
  • Creation of social responsibility investment programs to investors and donors with aim of supporting the non-profit organization.
  • Enhancement of asset management, with a conservative view of future cash flow commitments and requirements combined with long term growth targets.
Make a tax-deductible donation

A Merit Spread Charitable Giving Account is a great way to support philanthropic causes and charities you love at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Establish a Giving Account and then donate cash, stocks or non-publicly traded assets such as real estate, valuable art collections, to be eligible for an immediate tax deduction for their fair market value.

A contribution to a donor-advised fund which was granted tax benefits is an irrevocable commitment to charity; the funds cannot be returned to the donor or any other individual or used for any purpose other than grantmaking to charities. 

Protect and grow your donation, tax-free

The choice of when to deploy the donated funds to a cause selected by you, may be done over time. The donated funds are capital protected throughout the whole donation term. 

You may also elect to potentially grow your donation and make available even more money for philanthropic causes, by investing the donation until actual giving decision. We propose a variety of investment options from which you can recommend an investment strategy for your donation. Such programs include fixed income products issued by global banks. 

Support charities you love, now or over time

You may create your own charitable program and support directly any philanthropic cause you may deem right, from the wide list of causes supported by Merit Spread (such as but not limited to education, health, religion, general charity and more). You may also designate your contribute to any third party IRS-qualified public charity. 

Our Team

Mr. Alon Tal

Alon Tal is the founder and Chairman of Merit Spread Foundation. He also serves as CEO of the organization.  

For over two decades, Alon is engaged in private wealth management, corporate finance and sophisticated financial engineering. He established Alpha, a group which provides financial services for affluent families and international corporates.  Alon holds a B.A. in accounting and economy and an executive MBA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. 

Alon established Merit Spread Foundation with the general agenda of supporting multiple social causes, in the areas of Education, Health, women empowerment, art & culture and Social Welfare. One of the goals was to provide donors and non-profit organizations an efficient, advanced platform that would allow both to engage in a philanthropic activity and to do so in the most productive way.  Alon introduced methodologies and culture of a business organization to the nonprofit sphere. These methodologies support donors and charities in constructing more value to the supported causes of any donation.

Mr. Ariel Nissim

A Partner at Meitar law and head of the non-profit dept. Served in key positions in the Israel Corporations Authority of the Ministry of Justice. An expert in non-profit associations, Public Benefit Corporations and endowments. Since 2020, Adv. Nissim has served as the Israel Bar Association National Council arbitrator. 

Mr. Marian Cohen 

A seasoned executive, active both in Israel (private and public sector) and in the international market. Currently, the President of the MER Group, Chairman of the Israeli Hi-Tech Association, and Director in the Israeli Export Institute. 

Mr. Ilan Admon

An experienced industry executive. Among other positions, the former CEO of Frito-Lay – Strauss Israel, Chairman of Willi Food International and SVP Pelephone Communications.  A board member at public traded and private ownership companies. Engaged for many years in Philanthropic activity, currently a board member at the Israel National Council for the Child. 

Dr. Aiman Mansour

A leading international expert on policy and security in the Middle East; Served for many years in the Prime Minister’s Office as Senior Director for the Middle East. Currently a director for business development in the Middle East and north Africa in the Menomadin group. 

Mr. Amnon Epstein

A founder partner of the leading law firm Epstein Rosenblum Maoz (ERM) and heads the firm’s banking and finance and projects’ practices. Amnon is also an expert on regulation and international arbitration. He is a visiting professor at the Hebrew University and Reichman University, an Oxford University graduate (BCL), formerly an intern at the Israeli Supreme Court and an officer in the IDF.

Ms. Michal Katsir

An experienced CPA. Fulfilled CFO positions in various public and private global companies, such as Israeli Aerospace Industries LTD and the big four accounting firms. An expert in financial management. 

Mr. Amir Frankl

A partner in the leading law firm Shibolet; an expert in commercial litigation. Served for many years as an airborne officer in the Israeli Airforce.    

Ms. Micky Rozin-Aharonson

An expert in international relations and strategy; served for many years in the public sector in a variety of roles.  Among them, Senior Director for Foreign Policy in the Prime Minister’s Office and others, Foreign Policy Adviser and Chief of Staff to the Minister of Transport. 

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